Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The life

It is very difficult to initiate writing about this topic.though the life is same to all beings,the situations they face may be difficult to express.However ,this post give you the common truth of the life.
When we saw the sun first,we starts our life with our mother.at that age,We are truly unaware of the language,our relations and the time,So this age is the pure time a person can have,because we are just like Gods at this age, we don't want to hate others we don't want to pretend others,we don't want to compete  with others.so we are free of lot of problems.If we can maintain that kind of life to the end of our life,you would be a greatest person who are worshiped by peoples for decades.

With the time ,when we grow ,we start to get information from the environment using eyes,nose,ears,tongue,and the skin,and now we have the ability to remember those feelings and the images in our brain.then we begin to build a mind analyzing those feelings, images and experiences.so we grow little by little and collects lot of experiences and analyze them after all we realize them and use them.human beings differ from animals because humans can analyze and realize information and use them.this is the biological process of beings,but the life is not only this process.

As human beings we face challenges to fulfill our necessities .Through this process, we starts to hate others and to  be selfish and compete with the rest of the human beings. we have to forgets our qualities which would lead us to the wisdom.we try to beat others.to fulfill our goals we kill innocent animals.We destroy our beautiful nature.We only think about our necessities and ourselves than the world.When we grow up,we begin to seek new necessities like a partner. However we again start to compete with the world.though we try to get our necessities,the real thing is we destroy
our life going after selfish aims.

When we become an aged person, we go to regret about the past,and we think that we had chances to be a person than this.In some countries, the people in this age tend to their religion because they know how much wrong things they have done to maintain this life in this world,so they want to get forgiveness from God.The truth is the life is a platform to be an actor.We should act according to the rules of the nature.That is the reality. If we try to break these rules, our lifespan would be reduced by the nature.When we go to the deep meaning of the life,the life is the suffering.Though some people do their work like immortals,they will understand it at the dead bed.

The real life is not only going to fulfill our goals but also to understand  the quick transience of the life.We don't want to kill each other for this short period.We should try to live in harmony with all beings in the world then our life will show us the real life.We will have the pleasure in our minds.The spoiling body can not be stopped .We can't stop the time.We are in this world under the rules of nature.Though we want to change them,we will not able to do that.To have a good satisfied life up to the end,we have to give up our unbearable hopes,expectations,dreams.When we  reduce those things,we clean up our minds and lot of troubles will go off.We just try to understand it.the suffering comes with our unnecessary expectations .Yes we all know we cant satisfy with our life because it ends quickly.Therefore  to be a great person, try to give up all relationships which belongs to our life and try to maintain a mind which free of suffering.We have to please what we get,then we don,t want to compete with others.If we want something to maintain our body we have to work hard,but we don,t want to collect all the things in the world because they bring us problems always.

At the end ,I must say the real life is the eradicating the suffering,If we can do it,we would meet the real life.
thank you .

by Damith Sri Lakmal Wanninayaka Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected