Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Suffering


 Unpleasant feelings to body or mind is called as suffering.

 Suffering forms

There are lot of suffering forms  .It depends on the people and their minds .However,the main victim of the suffering is the mind. People are always with suffering but don't know it's suffering. There are two main suffering forms they are
1.Mind suffering
2.Body suffering

Mind suffering

 This can be divided into several parts.

1.Suffering of losing relationship
2.Suffering of unreachable dreams
3.Suffering of seeing pathetic conditions
4 .Suffering of anger
5.Suffering of regret.

Body suffering

This can also be divided into several parts

1.Suffering from hungry
2.Suffering from diseases
3.Suffering from deterioration of the body
4.Suffering from evacuation
5.Suffering from heat , cold
6.Suffering from the smell
7.Suffering from uneasy.

So, we can see there are lot of facts for the suffering with mentally and physically. However the suffering is the major part of our lives,and we cant avoid it .Here I am going to discuss those facts as I think

How can we say it's suffering?

 Yes it's obviously suffering because  you are always finding a way to be happy.Is not it? Yes , happiness means it's some sort of suffering.Just look at your happiest moment in the life you may think its good .OK, now think what thing made you happy. Think  about those thing. Are they still in the condition you saw before?
Parents are very happy when they see their child's birth.Actually, is it happy? No, mother will suffer a lot to protect her child, and father also will get a big responsibility to feed him.Is not it a suffering?
OK another example-you earn money to get happiness  and to reach your dreams.When you have reached that goal ,you have money . Do you have the freedom then? No because you have lost your freedom simultaneously. Moreover, you have lot of responsibilities.You have a good personality to maintain in front of others,and just think about a poor man he is suffering with dreams to be a rich ,and also you are suffering to have free time and maintaining your character from others.This means, whatever we get we get it through suffering.Suffering with us from our birth.We see the world screaming.We got a pathetic moment when we are born that is our doom. It is inevitable. Suffering has filled  the world for humans.

Is human only the victims of suffering?

NO,all living beings are  caused by the suffering.There is one thing to emphasize. That is human can suffer a lot mentally and physically, but animals are not suffer a lot mentally because we all know animals are not intelligent enough in comparison with humans.Animals just feel environmental changes ,fear and the anger ,but they  don't stick to hopes like humans ,and they have not lot of things to care about and protect. So, they just see and react what they feel.Therefore,there is no so strong feelings to animals, and  they basically suffer physically.

Is there a way to avoid suffering?
no,there is no way to avoid suffering physically ,but there is a way to avoid suffering mentally.We all know today we talks about positive thinking meditation and understanding the reality are the ways to reduce suffering.According to one religion, it can be achieved only from meditation. Physically suffering is unavoidable most of time. We cant stop getting old we cant stop hungry ,we cant stop pains of body and there are enough more examples to body suffering.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Mind

The mind is still mysterious thing to find out. But here you will see a different approach to the mind. Humans are the best living species in the planet because of the mind.The mind gets lot of talks among the people, but no one could give exact answers for the questions about the mind

Is the brain called as mind?

Most of scientists define mind as a result of the function of mind, but here you will be taught another reaching to the mind . The brain just controls parts of body ,and remembers signals from organs, and stabilize all the systems of body. We can create machines like computers which do similar process to brain. I am not going to tell you that computers are very similar to the brain but somewhat. If we create all the organs which equal to an animal body, we will not get a thinking robot whatsoever. This is why I say that there is something behind the brain which is another organ called  the mind.

How was the mind born? 

When we are given a birth with most important five organs (eyes, mouth, ears, nose and the skin), we can obtain signals from environment. Then we must be mature enough to keep these signals in our memory called brain.After getting all these signal, we can analyze them  ,but this part is not only from brain also involves another part that is mind. After analyzing we can realize them and use them accordingly.We do works according to brain's signals.When using these signals ,a copy of brain is born because of the interaction of the brain. It is a power that is an an amount of power dust which can not be seen with bare eyes. .

What is the power dust?

 I call it as power dust and that is  the  power.You know when something happen in the universe ,there are  powers which convert to another form of power. If there is an action ,there must be a reaction.So ,the power dust is born according to that rule,and when animals evolved with five organs ,the power dust was born as a side effect of their activities of the brain. After that, power dust keeps a copy of our strong activities in the brain,and this power dust cannot be destroyed. So we called it as soul or fate.

Is there a connection between power dust and mind?

yes, there is a connection.The mind is a mixture  of the brain and the power dust. The power dust decides your next birth.If you collect bad strong feelings, your next birth will be worse.If you collect good feelings then next birth is good because power dust is the reaction of your previous birth.The mind works with brain and also power dust.

What are the evidences for power dust


It is simple.Just look at you.You are same to others.You have a brain and other five organs, but you may be unable to learn , dance, to be a musician, you cant be a good painter also .
Furthermore sometimes ,when you see a person , place , you may feel a familiarity .It's because of your previous birth evidences, and you have seen places and persons in your previous birth.Power dust keep a copy of your strong feelings then we will get skills to one birth to another.

Can the mind destroy?

No, after birth of mind ,it cannot be destroyed. It goes to birth to birth.If we want to destroy the mind, we have to identify the power dust and remove one by one of it.It only can be done through meditations.

Thank you,

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

පියාබන පීරිසි කීපයක් අර්ජෙන්ටිනාවෙන් ,වීඩියෝ සහිතයි.UFO

මෙම වීඩියෝ දර්ශනය තම දුරකථනයේ කැමරාව මත සටහන් කර ගැනීමට නීති  සිසුවකු සමත්ව  ඇත .

නමින් David Jorge Lazarte වන මොහු ඔහුගේ නිවස පිටුපස ඇවිදිමින් සිටින  විට  මෙම අත්බූත වස්තුව දැක ඇති බවයි වාර්තා  වෙන්නේ.
ඔබට දැක ගත හැකි මෙම වීඩීයෝ පටයේ මෙවැනි අත්බූත  දිලිසෙන වස්තූන් තුනක් දැකගත හැකිය .david පවසන ආකාරයට ඔහු දිදුළන මෙම වස්තූන් දැක පුදුම වී ඇති අතර එම නිසා ඔහු මෙය ඔහුගේ  කැමරාව  තුල සටහන් කරගැනීමද අමතක නොකල බව පවසයි.

මෙම වස්තූන් තමා වටා කැරකෙමින් ගමන් කල බවද ඒවා නැගෙනහිර දිශවට ගමන් කර අතුරුදහන් වූ බවද තවදුරටත් අදහස් දක්වමින් පවසා තිබේ.
කෙසේ උවද මෙම පුවත ලොව පුරා ඉතාමත්ම වේගයෙන් පැතිරෙමින් තිබේ.

Mysterious glowing objects over Argentina sky

A law student called David Jorge Lazarte has recorded a mysterious flying object in his camcorder as he was walking behind his house.
You can watch that video up there.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Predicting the Life

This is not so easy to predict about life.Practically in the modern world, no one is able to predict the life exactly,but using simple methods like behaviors, appearance,family background, society,religion,we can give somewhat close ideas about our Future.Today with this article, I will expose my ideas toward life predicting.

Before giving any idea ,we must be aware of the subject so first of all I should give you a little idea what the life is.


What is the life.

According to my ideas life is not simple one .just think. Can you imagine a n animal like human with the evolution?you say yes.OK  Can you tell how your mind is born?  you say no. can  the brain do all the newest thing with a memory.No there must be an other thing that
might change your life.
That is mind.Though your body ruined,your mind is still living .The life is combination of thoughts which cannot see or feel.Thoughts control our brain.

Just think about this example/

We can make a robot  with a memory like a brain ,and we can also make other parts similar to a human.Do you think it will think like human or animal ?no it just acts according to commands.

So that is what we must understand .There is a something behind it it just not a combination of thought,but most of time mind is defined like thoughts by scientists.

My opinion is that life is a power which is called mind and has a way to go. So we  can predict that way.

****MIND IS THE LIFE******

What are the tips to predict life

There are not confirmed tips for predicting life.However we can take a little idea with our habitat. Though it is difficult to predict life ,you can predict it with your commitments also

Example. if you study well,you will be a educated person

That is a prediction .That is very simple ,but there is something behind that.
*** life has an action also a reaction***
If we do something ,we can get something.

1.Remember what you have done so far.
2. Realize the ideas of others who are with you

3. Identify likes and dislikes
4.Identify habits

You can predict your future  with your deeds because if you have done something in your life ,you will get a result relevant to your deeds .You know what you have done.So you must be able to guess the result.

Others around you, just study them.Understand their ideas toward you.Then you can understand what  they are going to do and what the result is.This is very important because they may cause your future.So they are very important.

You have to recognize your likes and dislikes,and you can make a chart.Don't include about food. You should focus on social likes and likes of achievements.If you do something that you don't like ,the result is very bad. You know it.If you do something which is very interesting the result must be good.

Identify habits,this is also very important .If you have a bad habit like smoking definitely you are going to die earlier.If you have good habits like exercising your health and life span will increase.

We already know about them

Yes i know it but you should take one step forward with your mind thinking .Then you will get more details about your life.All the predictors use above mentioned tips to predict.You should be very familiar to them and think about your life again.Then you will see what is going to happen.



Here is a long definition about life CLICK HERE

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How to Catch a Girl. Want a Girl?

Catching  a girl is not a very difficult task in these days.European countries 'girls are the very easiest ones to catch because they are very open and very friendly.In counties of Asia, this fishing is very different from European countries.Asian girls are bound to their traditional values and to religious rules.However in my experience,I have learnt lot of potential methods to the question ; how to catch a girl. I am going to discuss those potential methods with this post.

Identifying interests of girls

 This part may be somewhat difficult because human are very different to each other, and they are really unic in some senses.However majority of girls has very common interests.

Examples:-girls like pink,dresses,and also to eat.

Above examples are the most common ones to girls,but you can start your fishing with those,You will find a way to catch your future girl.

This is another girl's interests ,but this is too strong than other approaches . if you can make your selected girl laugh , you will have done the half of the entire process.

 Finding a way to contact her

Nowadays it is not  so hard to find a way to contact your dream girl.If the girl in your company,village,next door,classroom,working place.It may not be difficult to get information about her.
Example . you can easily get her mobile phone number.

It depends on you.you must be able to find a way for this as a boy.

Have a chat

After finding a way to contact her you need to a topic or good idea to start a discussion with her.Don't over talk with her just behave or talk like others ,and don't  let her to know your intention.Just have a chat.It will build a friendship and she will know who you are.


Ask question

Ask her question that you are not aware about them.Accept what she tells appreciate  her always.This gives you a way to have long chats with her ,and your friendship is getting strong now.

Talk about weird things with her.

 Girls like to talk .So you have to use this quality to have long discussion.you can talk about fancy things about dresses, whatever you like but remember not too much.

Make her laugh.

Make her laugh whenever you can.Then you will be a pleasant person for her to associate.Tell her "your are so beautiful when laughing" this is still strong saying for Asian girls.

Identify weak-points. 


If you have done above steps ,now you and she are friends.Now you can talk with her about personal things.You can ask about her ex boyfriends and education,family ,dresses, etc.She will tell about them .So you are very close to her now recognize her weak-points.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Top Free Antivirus Download


Are you looking for free  antivirus software?It is not a bad idea ,but you will give the minimum protection to your PC.If you suppose to have a good firm protection,Iwill recommend you to upgrade these free antivirus security programmes to premium versions.

Best of Free Antvirus.

If you  are going to select a free antivirus programme, you may consider the features, speed, efficiency, design of free antivirus programme.But the truth is selecting free antivirus programme, you will not get all these.However I  am going to introduce some best free antivirus programmes.

According to my experience I select two free antivirus programme as best of others.
They are....

1.Avast Free Antivirus


Avast Free Antivirus is the best of these two because it has strong malware detection ability and low system scanning time consumption and low system drag.It also comes with attractive interface design and easy installation  process.

Free Download 

2.Avira AntiVir Personal  

This free antivirus is also good but its design is less interested. This has good scores of malware detection but the scanning time is little bit longer than free  avast antivirus.

Free Download

There is another list of  Free Antivirus

*. Panda Free Antivirus

 Free Download

*.Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.

 Free Download

*.Malwarebytes Anti-expolit Free.

 Free Download

*.AVG Antivirus Free .

Fee Download

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Friday, May 1, 2015


In the modern world ,the virus is a common topic among the public because virus can be found in various forms.Some of these are live and others are pro-grammes that created by humans.The anti viruses is a opposite form of  those viruses.

Computer  virus

Computer virus is a programme which affects the operating systems of computers,mobile phones,tabs,whatever the device which uses specific operating systems.Virus programmers create those viruses according to the operating system, and spread them over the globe using internet ,compact disks, e mails etc.Virus  are created for illegal purposes .

Computer Antivirus

Antivirus is the opposite programme which identifies malware ,torjan and unwanted programme and disable the action of that programme.Antivirus programme must be in up to date because virus are always created by programmers.

Why should we use Antivirus?

We  use machines to do all our works in this modern world.The computers and programmed machines are necessary parts of human life.If these machine get malfunction ,our works would be stopped.

List of best Antivirus Programmes


1.Norton Antivirus


2.Bitdefender   Internet Security 

3.Kaspersky Internet Security


4.McAfee AntiVirus Plus

5.Panda Antivirus Pro




Currency refers to money including notes and coins.Currency{money} is issued by the government and circulated among people withing the economy.We use money as a  medium of exchange to goods and services.Modern world completely use money to exchange any thing within country or out of country. Currency is named differently according to the country.There are lot of variations of money for countries. For an example US Dollar for America and Yen for Japan are most popular currency names currently.

EVERYTHING defines Currency

Currency is the labour of human beings.Human can't show their labour as a physical thing. Therefore the labour is named as money{currency},and money  evolved to coins and notes.


People in the past, catered themselves growing  and making their necessary stuff.Later with the development of the society ,necessities of people varied.They wanted lot of things to do in their day to day work.They were unable to invent or manufacture all these stuff. So they wanted other's stuff to do their work.With this problem,they started to exchange their products with the same valued goods.Though it was a good method, it was very difficult to take measurement to their products and carry their product to a specific place.Money was introduced as a good solution for these problems.money is a measurement to goods and services.. 

  Here is a list of all currency quoted from Wikipedia.org

State or territory[1] Currency[1][2] Symbol[3] ISO code[2] Fractional unit Number to basic
 Abkhazia Abkhazian apsar[A] (none) (none) (none) (none)
Russian ruble р. RUB Kopek 100
 Afghanistan Afghan afghani ؋ AFN Pul 100
 Akrotiri and Dhekelia Euro EUR Cent 100
 Albania Albanian lek L ALL Qindarkë 100
 Alderney Alderney pound[A] £ (none) Penny 100
British pound[B] £ GBP Penny 100
Guernsey pound £ GGP[C] Penny 100
 Algeria Algerian dinar د.ج DZD Santeem 100
 Andorra Euro EUR Cent 100
 Angola Angolan kwanza Kz AOA Cêntimo 100
 Anguilla East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Antigua and Barbuda East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Argentina Argentine peso $ ARS Centavo 100
 Armenia Armenian dram Armenian dram sign.svg AMD Luma 100
 Aruba Aruban florin ƒ AWG Cent 100
United Kingdom Ascension Island Ascension pound[A] £ (none) Penny 100
Saint Helena pound £ SHP Penny 100
 Australia Australian dollar $ AUD Cent 100
 Austria Euro EUR Cent 100
 Azerbaijan Azerbaijani manat Azeri manat symbol.svg AZN Qəpik 100
 Bahamas, The Bahamian dollar $ BSD Cent 100
 Bahrain Bahraini dinar .د.ب BHD Fils 1000
 Bangladesh Bangladeshi taka BDT Paisa 100
 Barbados Barbadian dollar $ BBD Cent 100
 Belarus Belarusian ruble Br BYR Kapyeyka 100
 Belgium Euro EUR Cent 100
 Belize Belize dollar $ BZD Cent 100
 Benin West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Bermuda Bermudian dollar $ BMD Cent 100
 Bhutan Bhutanese ngultrum Nu. BTN Chetrum 100
Indian rupee INR Paisa 100
 Bolivia Bolivian boliviano Bs. BOB Centavo 100
 Bonaire United States dollar $ USD Cent 100
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark KM or КМ[D] BAM Fening 100
 Botswana Botswana pula P BWP Thebe 100
 Brazil Brazilian real R$ BRL Centavo 100
 British Indian Ocean Territory United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Brunei Brunei dollar $ BND Sen 100
Singapore dollar $ SGD Cent 100
 Bulgaria Bulgarian lev лв BGN Stotinka 100
 Burkina Faso West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Burma Burmese kyat Ks MMK Pya 100
 Burundi Burundian franc Fr BIF Centime 100
 Cambodia Cambodian riel KHR Sen 100
United States dollar $ USD Cent 100
 Cameroon Central African CFA franc Fr XAF Centime 100
 Canada Canadian dollar $ CAD Cent 100
 Cape Verde Cape Verdean escudo Esc or $ CVE Centavo 100
 Cayman Islands Cayman Islands dollar $ KYD Cent 100
 Central African Republic Central African CFA franc Fr XAF Centime 100
 Chad Central African CFA franc Fr XAF Centime 100
 Chile Chilean peso $ CLP Centavo 100
 China, People's Republic of Chinese yuan ¥ or 元 CNY Fen[F] 100
 Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australian dollar $ AUD Cent 100
 Colombia Colombian peso $ COP Centavo 100
 Comoros Comorian franc Fr KMF Centime 100
 Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congolese franc Fr CDF Centime 100
 Congo, Republic of the Central African CFA franc Fr XAF Centime 100
 Cook Islands New Zealand dollar $ NZD Cent 100
Cook Islands dollar $ (none) Cent 100
 Costa Rica Costa Rican colón CRC Céntimo 100
 Côte d'Ivoire West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Croatia Croatian kuna kn HRK Lipa 100
 Cuba Cuban convertible peso $ CUC Centavo 100
Cuban peso $ CUP Centavo 100
 Curaçao Netherlands Antillean guilder ƒ ANG Cent 100
 Cyprus Euro EUR Cent 100
 Czech Republic Czech koruna CZK Haléř 100
 Denmark Danish krone kr DKK Øre 100
 Djibouti Djiboutian franc Fr DJF Centime 100
 Dominica East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Dominican Republic Dominican peso $ DOP Centavo 100
 East Timor United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
(none) (none) (none) Centavo[G] (none)
 Ecuador United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
(none) (none) (none) Centavo[G] (none)
 Egypt Egyptian pound £ or ج.م EGP Piastre[H] 100
 El Salvador United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Equatorial Guinea Central African CFA franc Fr XAF Centime 100
 Eritrea Eritrean nakfa Nfk ERN Cent 100
 Estonia Euro EUR Cent 100
 Ethiopia Ethiopian birr Br ETB Santim 100
 Falkland Islands Falkland Islands pound £ FKP Penny 100
 Faroe Islands Danish krone kr DKK Øre 100
Faroese króna kr (none) Oyra 100
 Fiji Fijian dollar $ FJD Cent 100
 Finland Euro EUR Cent 100
 France Euro EUR Cent 100
 French Polynesia CFP franc Fr XPF Centime 100
 Gabon Central African CFA franc Fr XAF Centime 100
 Gambia, The Gambian dalasi D GMD Butut 100
 Georgia Georgian lari GEL Tetri 100
 Germany Euro EUR Cent 100
 Ghana Ghana cedi GHS Pesewa 100
 Gibraltar Gibraltar pound £ GIP Penny 100
 Greece Euro EUR Cent 100
 Grenada East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Guatemala Guatemalan quetzal Q GTQ Centavo 100
 Guernsey British pound[B] £ GBP Penny 100
Guernsey pound £ (none) Penny 100
 Guinea Guinean franc Fr GNF Centime 100
 Guinea-Bissau West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Guyana Guyanese dollar $ GYD Cent 100
 Haiti Haitian gourde G HTG Centime 100
 Honduras Honduran lempira L HNL Centavo 100
 Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar $ HKD Cent 100
 Hungary Hungarian forint Ft HUF Fillér 100
 Iceland Icelandic króna kr ISK Eyrir 100
 India Indian rupee INR INR Paisa 100
 Indonesia Indonesian rupiah Rp IDR Sen 100
 Iran Iranian rial IRR Dinar 100
 Iraq Iraqi dinar ع.د IQD Fils 1000
 Ireland Euro EUR Cent 100
 Isle of Man British pound[B] £ GBP Penny 100
Manx pound £ IMP[C] Penny 100
 Israel Israeli new shekel ILS Agora 100
 Italy Euro EUR Cent 100
 Jamaica Jamaican dollar $ JMD Cent 100
 Japan Japanese yen ¥ JPY Sen[I] 100
 Jersey British pound[B] £ GBP Penny 100
Jersey pound £ JEP[C] Penny 100
 Jordan Jordanian dinar د.ا JOD Piastre[J] 100
 Kazakhstan Kazakhstani tenge Kazakhstani tenge symbol.svg KZT Tïın 100
 Kenya Kenyan shilling Sh KES Cent 100
 Kiribati Australian dollar $ AUD Cent 100
Kiribati dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
 Korea, North North Korean won KPW Chon 100
 Korea, South South Korean won KRW Jeon 100
 Kosovo Euro EUR Cent 100
 Kuwait Kuwaiti dinar د.ك KWD Fils 1000
 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstani som лв KGS Tyiyn 100
 Laos Lao kip LAK Att 100
 Latvia Euro EUR Cent 100
 Lebanon Lebanese pound ل.ل LBP Piastre 100
 Lesotho Lesotho loti L LSL Sente 100
South African rand R ZAR Cent 100
 Liberia Liberian dollar $ LRD Cent 100
 Libya Libyan dinar ل.د LYD Dirham 1000
 Liechtenstein Swiss franc Fr CHF Rappen 100
 Lithuania Euro EUR Cent 100
 Luxembourg Euro EUR Cent 100
 Macau Macanese pataca P MOP Avo 100
 Macedonia, Republic of Macedonian denar ден MKD Deni 100
 Madagascar Malagasy ariary Ar MGA Iraimbilanja 5
 Malawi Malawian kwacha MK MWK Tambala 100
 Malaysia Malaysian ringgit RM MYR Sen 100
 Maldives Maldivian rufiyaa MVR Laari 100
 Mali West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Malta Euro EUR Cent 100
 Marshall Islands United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Mauritania Mauritanian ouguiya UM MRO Khoums 5
 Mauritius Mauritian rupee MUR Cent 100
 Mexico Mexican peso $ MXN Centavo 100
 Micronesia Micronesian dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Moldova Moldovan leu L MDL Ban 100
 Monaco Euro EUR Cent 100
 Mongolia Mongolian tögrög MNT Möngö 100
 Montenegro Euro EUR Cent 100
 Montserrat East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Morocco Moroccan dirham د.م. MAD Centime 100
 Mozambique Mozambican metical MT MZN Centavo 100
 Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Armenian dram Armenian dram sign.svg AMD Luma 100
Nagorno-Karabakh dram[A] դր. (none) Luma 100
 Namibia Namibian dollar $ NAD Cent 100
South African rand R ZAR Cent 100
 Nauru Australian dollar $ AUD Cent 100
Nauruan dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
   Nepal Nepalese rupee NPR Paisa 100
 Netherlands[K] Euro EUR Cent 100
 New Caledonia CFP franc Fr XPF Centime 100
 New Zealand New Zealand dollar $ NZD Cent 100
 Nicaragua Nicaraguan córdoba C$ NIO Centavo 100
 Niger West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Nigeria Nigerian naira NGN Kobo 100
 Niue New Zealand dollar $ NZD Cent 100
Niue dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
 Northern Cyprus Turkish lira Turkish lira symbol black.svg TRY Kuruş 100
 Norway Norwegian krone kr NOK Øre 100
 Oman Omani rial ر.ع. OMR Baisa 1000
 Pakistan Pakistani rupee PKR Paisa 100
 Palau Palauan dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Palestine Israeli new shekel ILS Agora 100
Jordanian dinar د.ا JOD Piastre[J] 100
 Panama Panamanian balboa B/. PAB Centésimo 100
United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean kina K PGK Toea 100
 Paraguay Paraguayan guaraní PYG Céntimo 100
 Peru Peruvian nuevo sol S/. PEN Céntimo 100
 Philippines Philippine peso PHP Centavo 100
 Pitcairn Islands New Zealand dollar $ NZD Cent 100
Pitcairn Islands dollar[A] $ (none) Cent 100
 Poland Polish złoty PLN Grosz 100
 Portugal Euro EUR Cent 100
 Qatar Qatari riyal ر.ق QAR Dirham 100
 Romania Romanian leu lei RON Ban 100
 Russia Russian ruble RUB Kopek 100
 Rwanda Rwandan franc Fr RWF Centime 100
 Saba United States dollar $ USD Cent 100
 Sahrawi Republic[L] Algerian dinar د.ج DZD Santeem 100
Mauritanian ouguiya UM MRO Khoums 5
Moroccan dirham د. م. MAD Centime 100
Sahrawi peseta Ptas (none) Centime 100
 Saint Helena Saint Helena pound £ SHP Penny 100
 Saint Kitts and Nevis East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Saint Lucia East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines East Caribbean dollar $ XCD Cent 100
 Samoa Samoan tālā T WST Sene 100
 San Marino Euro EUR Cent 100
 São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé and Príncipe dobra Db STD Cêntimo 100
 Saudi Arabia Saudi riyal ر.س SAR Halala 100
 Senegal West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Serbia Serbian dinar дин. or din. RSD Para 100
 Seychelles Seychellois rupee SCR Cent 100
 Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean leone Le SLL Cent 100
 Singapore Brunei dollar $ BND Sen 100
Singapore dollar $ SGD Cent 100
 Sint Eustatius United States dollar $ USD Cent 100
 Sint Maarten Netherlands Antillean guilder ƒ ANG Cent 100
 Slovakia Euro EUR Cent 100
 Slovenia Euro EUR Cent 100
 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands dollar $ SBD Cent 100
 Somalia Somali shilling Sh SOS Cent 100
 Somaliland Somaliland shilling Sh (none) Cent 100
 South Africa South African rand R ZAR Cent 100
 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands British pound £ GBP Penny 100
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands pound[A] £ (none) Penny 100
 South Ossetia Russian ruble р. RUB Kopek 100
 Spain Euro EUR Cent 100
 South Sudan South Sudanese pound £ SSP Piastre 100
 Sri Lanka Sri Lankan rupee Rs or රු LKR Cent 100
 Sudan Sudanese pound £ SDG Piastre 100
 Suriname Surinamese dollar $ SRD Cent 100
 Swaziland Swazi lilangeni L SZL Cent 100
 Sweden Swedish krona kr SEK Öre 100
  Switzerland Swiss franc Fr CHF Rappen[M] 100
 Syria Syrian pound £ or ل.س SYP Piastre 100
 Taiwan New Taiwan dollar $ TWD Cent 100
 Tajikistan Tajikistani somoni ЅМ TJS Diram 100
 Tanzania Tanzanian shilling Sh TZS Cent 100
 Thailand Thai baht ฿ THB Satang 100
 Togo West African CFA franc Fr XOF Centime 100
 Tonga Tongan paʻanga T$ TOP Seniti[N] 100
 Transnistria Transnistrian ruble р. PRB[C] Kopek 100
 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago dollar $ TTD Cent 100
 Tristan da Cunha Saint Helena pound £ SHP Penny 100
Tristan da Cunha pound[A] £ (none) Penny 100
 Tunisia Tunisian dinar د.ت TND Millime 1000
 Turkey Turkish lira Turkish lira symbol black.svg TRY Kuruş 100
 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan manat m TMT Tennesi 100
 Turks and Caicos Islands United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Tuvalu Australian dollar $ AUD Cent 100
Tuvaluan dollar $ (none) Cent 100
 Uganda Ugandan shilling Sh UGX Cent 100
 Ukraine Ukrainian hryvnia UAH Kopiyka 100
Russian ruble[O] RUB Kopek 100
 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates dirham د.إ AED Fils 100
 United Kingdom British pound[B] £ GBP Penny 100
 United States United States dollar $ USD Cent[E] 100
 Uruguay Uruguayan peso $ UYU Centésimo 100
 Uzbekistan Uzbekistani som лв UZS Tiyin 100
 Vanuatu Vanuatu vatu Vt VUV (none) (none)
  Vatican City Euro EUR Cent 100
 Venezuela Venezuelan bolívar Bs F VEF Céntimo 100
 Vietnam Vietnamese đồng VND Hào[P] 10
 Wallis and Futuna CFP franc Fr XPF Centime 100
 Yemen Yemeni rial YER Fils 100
 Zambia Zambian kwacha ZK ZMW Ngwee 100
 Zimbabwe Botswana pula P BWP Thebe 100
British pound[B] £ GBP Penny 100
Euro EUR Cent 100
South African rand R ZAR Cent 100
United States dollar $ USD

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