Friday, May 1, 2015


In the modern world ,the virus is a common topic among the public because virus can be found in various forms.Some of these are live and others are pro-grammes that created by humans.The anti viruses is a opposite form of  those viruses.

Computer  virus

Computer virus is a programme which affects the operating systems of computers,mobile phones,tabs,whatever the device which uses specific operating systems.Virus programmers create those viruses according to the operating system, and spread them over the globe using internet ,compact disks, e mails etc.Virus  are created for illegal purposes .

Computer Antivirus

Antivirus is the opposite programme which identifies malware ,torjan and unwanted programme and disable the action of that programme.Antivirus programme must be in up to date because virus are always created by programmers.

Why should we use Antivirus?

We  use machines to do all our works in this modern world.The computers and programmed machines are necessary parts of human life.If these machine get malfunction ,our works would be stopped.

List of best Antivirus Programmes


1.Norton Antivirus


2.Bitdefender   Internet Security 

3.Kaspersky Internet Security


4.McAfee AntiVirus Plus

5.Panda Antivirus Pro