Friday, May 1, 2015

Money Converter


Money converter has been most popular with the development of the human in modern world because people have shortened the distance to whole world.They are not limited to a certain place or to a one country.They travel around the world and do their job in various countries.So they want to exchange their money to another currency,therefore they want to know the rates of currency.

Here I am going to introduce most popular two money converters.

Google Money Converter

You can use this converter very easily .You just have to go to Goggle    searching engine and type the key word \ currency converter/ and search it. Then you will see the Google Money converter at first of the list.
Now you are able to convert currency rates with this converter.You can have access very easily  to the converter by below link.
Google Converter 

 YAHOO  Money Converter


This is an other detailed  Money converter .I recommend this converter because it gives lot of financial details and also gives a chance to take a print of the currency rates.

Yahoo Currency Converter