Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Catch a Girl. Want a Girl?

Catching  a girl is not a very difficult task in these days.European countries 'girls are the very easiest ones to catch because they are very open and very friendly.In counties of Asia, this fishing is very different from European countries.Asian girls are bound to their traditional values and to religious rules.However in my experience,I have learnt lot of potential methods to the question ; how to catch a girl. I am going to discuss those potential methods with this post.

Identifying interests of girls

 This part may be somewhat difficult because human are very different to each other, and they are really unic in some senses.However majority of girls has very common interests.

Examples:-girls like pink,dresses,and also to eat.

Above examples are the most common ones to girls,but you can start your fishing with those,You will find a way to catch your future girl.

This is another girl's interests ,but this is too strong than other approaches . if you can make your selected girl laugh , you will have done the half of the entire process.

 Finding a way to contact her

Nowadays it is not  so hard to find a way to contact your dream girl.If the girl in your company,village,next door,classroom,working place.It may not be difficult to get information about her.
Example . you can easily get her mobile phone number.

It depends on must be able to find a way for this as a boy.

Have a chat

After finding a way to contact her you need to a topic or good idea to start a discussion with her.Don't over talk with her just behave or talk like others ,and don't  let her to know your intention.Just have a chat.It will build a friendship and she will know who you are.


Ask question

Ask her question that you are not aware about them.Accept what she tells appreciate  her always.This gives you a way to have long chats with her ,and your friendship is getting strong now.

Talk about weird things with her.

 Girls like to talk .So you have to use this quality to have long can talk about fancy things about dresses, whatever you like but remember not too much.

Make her laugh.

Make her laugh whenever you can.Then you will be a pleasant person for her to associate.Tell her "your are so beautiful when laughing" this is still strong saying for Asian girls.

Identify weak-points. 


If you have done above steps ,now you and she are friends.Now you can talk with her about personal things.You can ask about her ex boyfriends and education,family ,dresses, etc.She will tell about them .So you are very close to her now recognize her weak-points.


Give her good solutions


This point is very crucial.You have to use your skills,experience,whatever you have. Your solutions must be special.This point will take her to you.

Tell her about your idea

This is the last part you have to do.You have done a good job with above techniques. You can tell her your idea,and find a suitable time for that and ask directly.
Don't hesitate.Make sure not to ask her consent. She will give it in no time. Be patient till that beautiful moment.

She will begin to love you

When completing above steps,she cant ignore you.You are in her mind and you have built a strong special picture in her mind.After telling your idea. Your request will set her awake all the night.Little by little ,she bends towards you

Congratulation you got her! Registered & Protected