Monday, May 11, 2015

The Mind

The mind is still mysterious thing to find out. But here you will see a different approach to the mind. Humans are the best living species in the planet because of the mind.The mind gets lot of talks among the people, but no one could give exact answers for the questions about the mind

Is the brain called as mind?

Most of scientists define mind as a result of the function of mind, but here you will be taught another reaching to the mind . The brain just controls parts of body ,and remembers signals from organs, and stabilize all the systems of body. We can create machines like computers which do similar process to brain. I am not going to tell you that computers are very similar to the brain but somewhat. If we create all the organs which equal to an animal body, we will not get a thinking robot whatsoever. This is why I say that there is something behind the brain which is another organ called  the mind.

How was the mind born? 

When we are given a birth with most important five organs (eyes, mouth, ears, nose and the skin), we can obtain signals from environment. Then we must be mature enough to keep these signals in our memory called brain.After getting all these signal, we can analyze them  ,but this part is not only from brain also involves another part that is mind. After analyzing we can realize them and use them accordingly.We do works according to brain's signals.When using these signals ,a copy of brain is born because of the interaction of the brain. It is a power that is an an amount of power dust which can not be seen with bare eyes. .

What is the power dust?

 I call it as power dust and that is  the  power.You know when something happen in the universe ,there are  powers which convert to another form of power. If there is an action ,there must be a reaction.So ,the power dust is born according to that rule,and when animals evolved with five organs ,the power dust was born as a side effect of their activities of the brain. After that, power dust keeps a copy of our strong activities in the brain,and this power dust cannot be destroyed. So we called it as soul or fate.

Is there a connection between power dust and mind?

yes, there is a connection.The mind is a mixture  of the brain and the power dust. The power dust decides your next birth.If you collect bad strong feelings, your next birth will be worse.If you collect good feelings then next birth is good because power dust is the reaction of your previous birth.The mind works with brain and also power dust.

What are the evidences for power dust


It is simple.Just look at you.You are same to others.You have a brain and other five organs, but you may be unable to learn , dance, to be a musician, you cant be a good painter also .
Furthermore sometimes ,when you see a person , place , you may feel a familiarity .It's because of your previous birth evidences, and you have seen places and persons in your previous birth.Power dust keep a copy of your strong feelings then we will get skills to one birth to another.

Can the mind destroy?

No, after birth of mind ,it cannot be destroyed. It goes to birth to birth.If we want to destroy the mind, we have to identify the power dust and remove one by one of it.It only can be done through meditations.

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