Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Suffering


 Unpleasant feelings to body or mind is called as suffering.

 Suffering forms

There are lot of suffering forms  .It depends on the people and their minds .However,the main victim of the suffering is the mind. People are always with suffering but don't know it's suffering. There are two main suffering forms they are
1.Mind suffering
2.Body suffering

Mind suffering

 This can be divided into several parts.

1.Suffering of losing relationship
2.Suffering of unreachable dreams
3.Suffering of seeing pathetic conditions
4 .Suffering of anger
5.Suffering of regret.

Body suffering

This can also be divided into several parts

1.Suffering from hungry
2.Suffering from diseases
3.Suffering from deterioration of the body
4.Suffering from evacuation
5.Suffering from heat , cold
6.Suffering from the smell
7.Suffering from uneasy.

So, we can see there are lot of facts for the suffering with mentally and physically. However the suffering is the major part of our lives,and we cant avoid it .Here I am going to discuss those facts as I think

How can we say it's suffering?

 Yes it's obviously suffering because  you are always finding a way to be happy.Is not it? Yes , happiness means it's some sort of suffering.Just look at your happiest moment in the life you may think its good .OK, now think what thing made you happy. Think  about those thing. Are they still in the condition you saw before?
Parents are very happy when they see their child's birth.Actually, is it happy? No, mother will suffer a lot to protect her child, and father also will get a big responsibility to feed him.Is not it a suffering?
OK another example-you earn money to get happiness  and to reach your dreams.When you have reached that goal ,you have money . Do you have the freedom then? No because you have lost your freedom simultaneously. Moreover, you have lot of responsibilities.You have a good personality to maintain in front of others,and just think about a poor man he is suffering with dreams to be a rich ,and also you are suffering to have free time and maintaining your character from others.This means, whatever we get we get it through suffering.Suffering with us from our birth.We see the world screaming.We got a pathetic moment when we are born that is our doom. It is inevitable. Suffering has filled  the world for humans.

Is human only the victims of suffering?

NO,all living beings are  caused by the suffering.There is one thing to emphasize. That is human can suffer a lot mentally and physically, but animals are not suffer a lot mentally because we all know animals are not intelligent enough in comparison with humans.Animals just feel environmental changes ,fear and the anger ,but they  don't stick to hopes like humans ,and they have not lot of things to care about and protect. So, they just see and react what they feel.Therefore,there is no so strong feelings to animals, and  they basically suffer physically.

Is there a way to avoid suffering?
no,there is no way to avoid suffering physically ,but there is a way to avoid suffering mentally.We all know today we talks about positive thinking meditation and understanding the reality are the ways to reduce suffering.According to one religion, it can be achieved only from meditation. Physically suffering is unavoidable most of time. We cant stop getting old we cant stop hungry ,we cant stop pains of body and there are enough more examples to body suffering.

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