Monday, May 4, 2015

Predicting the Life

This is not so easy to predict about life.Practically in the modern world, no one is able to predict the life exactly,but using simple methods like behaviors, appearance,family background, society,religion,we can give somewhat close ideas about our Future.Today with this article, I will expose my ideas toward life predicting.

Before giving any idea ,we must be aware of the subject so first of all I should give you a little idea what the life is.


What is the life.

According to my ideas life is not simple one .just think. Can you imagine a n animal like human with the evolution?you say yes.OK  Can you tell how your mind is born?  you say no. can  the brain do all the newest thing with a memory.No there must be an other thing that
might change your life.
That is mind.Though your body ruined,your mind is still living .The life is combination of thoughts which cannot see or feel.Thoughts control our brain.

Just think about this example/

We can make a robot  with a memory like a brain ,and we can also make other parts similar to a human.Do you think it will think like human or animal ?no it just acts according to commands.

So that is what we must understand .There is a something behind it it just not a combination of thought,but most of time mind is defined like thoughts by scientists.

My opinion is that life is a power which is called mind and has a way to go. So we  can predict that way.

****MIND IS THE LIFE******

What are the tips to predict life

There are not confirmed tips for predicting life.However we can take a little idea with our habitat. Though it is difficult to predict life ,you can predict it with your commitments also

Example. if you study well,you will be a educated person

That is a prediction .That is very simple ,but there is something behind that.
*** life has an action also a reaction***
If we do something ,we can get something.

1.Remember what you have done so far.
2. Realize the ideas of others who are with you

3. Identify likes and dislikes
4.Identify habits

You can predict your future  with your deeds because if you have done something in your life ,you will get a result relevant to your deeds .You know what you have done.So you must be able to guess the result.

Others around you, just study them.Understand their ideas toward you.Then you can understand what  they are going to do and what the result is.This is very important because they may cause your future.So they are very important.

You have to recognize your likes and dislikes,and you can make a chart.Don't include about food. You should focus on social likes and likes of achievements.If you do something that you don't like ,the result is very bad. You know it.If you do something which is very interesting the result must be good.

Identify habits,this is also very important .If you have a bad habit like smoking definitely you are going to die earlier.If you have good habits like exercising your health and life span will increase.

We already know about them

Yes i know it but you should take one step forward with your mind thinking .Then you will get more details about your life.All the predictors use above mentioned tips to predict.You should be very familiar to them and think about your life again.Then you will see what is going to happen.



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