Friday, April 10, 2015

Samsung Galaxy

Hi, Everyone.

You have come here to know about Samsung Galaxy phones and tabs. Samsung company is a Korean company, but now it expands its branches all over the world.Samsung company introduce special phones for some countries itself,and they are not international versions ,but have same quality.some people may think those phone< olleh , anycall  for Korea and  verizon  , at&t  for America >are in low quality,but I should say that they are with the same quality like Samsung international phones.  I am going to give a little list  about these popular Samsung Galaxy phones and tabs.

With the release of samsung galaxy S series the mobile phone market changed its direction.

Samsung Galaxy S2

This phone is still famous among the users.with its features it had a good selling around the world.

S2 Specification



Samsung Galaxy S3

This phone is released in may 2012.




Samsung Galaxy S4

S4 Specification